Author Topic: How do I make materials of my gametextures?  (Read 984 times)

I have hundereds of materials/ textures from How do I make use of these in SP? I want to convert all of them to materials but how do I do it? I have watched all the allegorithmic tutorials on Youtube but I still don´t understand. Should it be so hard or what am I missing?

The thing I have tried is to select a material in SP and replacing the color, height, rough and metal maps but where do I put my normals and ambient oclussion for example?

Maybe I should use Designer for this but there doesnt seem to be any step by step on how to make materials from regular textures. I watched this tutorial but there is just no way it has to be that complicated.
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Hey mattias,

you can use the textures in Substance Painter by either drag and dropping them on or place the, into the shelf folder.
Just use a basic brush and drag and drop the textures onto the appropriate channels in the brush. You now can right-click in the brush panel and save the material.

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Ok, but where do I put Normal, ambient occlusion and metal mask for exemple?

You need to add a normal channel in your document to be able to paint with/on the normal map.
Same thing for the ambient-occlusion. The "metal-mask" is already in your document named as the "Metallic" channel.

You can then load those texture in the material properties of your brush. On use them directly inside a fill layer.
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