Author Topic: Tattoo placement advice  (Read 1075 times)

I want the end-user to be able to select a tattoo and place it where they'd like on the character model. Ideally I would like to have them use sliders for the position on the X and Y, another slider for the rotation, and one more slider for the scale of the tattoo. What would you suggest to set that up?

Right now I'm playing around with the Transform 2D node which sort of works, but I wasn't sure if there might be a better node. Also is there a way to have the tattoo wrap based on the UV's, instead of getting it cropped if it's positioned outside the UV island?


Using the transofrm2d is the way to go, you will find transformation helpers in the Function folder in the library to help you simplify the use of the transformation matrix (Rotation Matrix and Scale Matrix).
There is no way to make the pattern wrap across UV shells though.