Author Topic: Accessing Allegorithmic downloads on Web with mobile device not possible  (Read 2080 times)

Hi, I wanted to post this to advise of, what I thought was weird behaviour.
Due to the issues of Substance Painter crashing on Win10 I wanted to download the latest version of SP.
I was going to download this at my home, but it's a big file and I don't have fast wireless access here, so I thought when I was in town I'd use my phone that has 4G+ access and plenty of data allocation.
Well, I logged into my account, went to downloads saw the SP license etc, but for the life of me I could not get the download icon to click to start the download. I tried getting the device to load a "desktop" page, load the website into a full browser. Whatever I tried it did not work. Every time it defaulted back to the mobile version of the website and this would not allow access to the download button. They were not displayed.
There seemed no way to click anything that would allow access to the download function that I know works with the desktop site version.

So, simply (unless there is still some gross user error) there is a problem, or perhaps deliberate block on accessing the downloading of SP or other software from my account on a mobile device.
Now, it may be deliberate, but I rely on having access through mobile devices to my account and associated programs... eg. I often download Modo updates and content from my account (The Foundry) with the phone or Surface-pro as I can get really fast downloads through the 4G network.

Any help would be appreciated.
Gary B.


We indeed don't allow to download softwares through mobile devices, as they cannot be installed on phones.
We could change this in the future.

Head of Product Management

Ok, at least it means that I was not doing something silly.
I'll try tethering the phone to the Surface pro see if that works. The big problem is that I cannot get fast internet as I mentioned and the only way I can download large files is either to wait hours, or do it when in range of a 4G network. 
Thanks for letting me know.

Hey teknoart,

tethering the 4Gnetwork to your laptop/surface will definitely work.

Best regards
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