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hey froyok,

I see you are using 1.5.5 - maybe because of that, everything is fine for you ;)

I will post a sceenshot later on (SP 1.5.1) of how it looks for me - then I update to 1.5.5 and see, if the helps...


Ok, here is, what I get in 1.5.1 when Brush-Size is maxed out, when in "Object" Mode:

Will try 1.5. later on...

Oh nooooooooo, even worse  :'(

SP 1.5.5 crashes and if I try to send error-report:

Na supi!

is there a way to get 1.5.1 back again and revert the project????

Substance Painter 1.5.1 doesn't exists, so i'm not sure which version of Substance Painter you are talking about.
If you want to revert to an old version, just download it on your account via our website.

I think in this case in an issue with the project itself and not the mesh. Can you send me your spp file ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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I would send it, but uploading around 3GB would take ages...

I am talking about the build 1.5.0, sorry.

Ok, I will try to download the old version. It is a problem with that damm model, like it was from the beginning on. Dont know, maybe I should just let go, as we will get not sorted out, what ever the problem is.

I think it has to do with some of the crashes of SP, when tweaking UV and meshes, then re-import and re-compute and so on. Hell, I could not even use particle brushes in that project anymore  ???

Seems, it is best to make all adjustments to the model before doing anything in SP.
from what I experienced, SP can somtimes recompute everything, but somtimes, it just messes up...
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