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Hi all,

Substance Share is a FREE exchange platform, for our lovely community.
All the assets uploaded on the platform can be used by anybody, even in commercial projects.

You can upload assets either from the website, or directly from the software: SD 5.2.5 or above, and SP 1.5.5 or above.

We cannot wait to see what you guyz will do with this platform.

Let the sharing begin!
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This is great news! Thanks!

Could you maybe add a Procedural vs Bitmap filter to the Substance section? And a PBR filter. Like the Database. That would be cool, thanks!

I've been looking forward to this! It's the first thing I'll be mentioning to people tomorrow morning  ;D
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Oh finally! Congratulations!!! Awesome stuff!! Youre the best and everything!  ::)

Might I suggest a SD / SP compatibility mark for each one?  I'm rather new (and I'm sure there are others) and I have no idea which can be used in which.

Is there a review process for submitted assets? It would be nice if the platform didn't get cluttered with any old 'test' submissions or substandard content. I assume there are moderators watching what people submit.

We manually validate or reject every asset that gets submitted. If rejected, the uploader gets a message telling him why it's been rejected and what he should modify to be approved.

I assume you have a ton of these getting submitted daily, whats the usual turn around for something to be approved? Mine has been sitting there for a few days :) just wondering, no rush.

It's usually within 24 hours, but lately we are a bit overwhelmed :)
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just a little feedback. It would actually be nice if Substance Share (inside Substance Designer - didn't test it on the website) would tell me that the materials name is already used before uploading everything and not after everything got uploaded. At the moment it simply fades away into the depths of the internet and you have to reupload everything ;D

Also I guess it would make sense to only allow rating when also commenting. Low ratings don't really help if no one knows why it's low..

Regards Michael
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Does updating a file have the same turn around as submitting a new one?

If the file was already approved the first time, no it should be pretty fast, but sometimes it gets buried down in the list and may take a while to be re-approved.

Seems like my file is bugged and won't update. Should I delete it and resubmit?

You can do that yes if the updating doesn't work.

Just a little question about something I don't understand: Why so many people share their creation on the forum and not on Substance Share?
I can see a lot of useful things, functions that are explained/shared on the forum and they aren't on Sub.Share.
Someone can explain that? Is the ticket price high ? :)