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I add a displacement channels to my stack, but how I actually create the displacement. Is not on the bake textures options.   

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when you add a new channel like displacement, it will show up as a channel on your layers.  Enabling the displ channel will allow you to paint or assign materials to it.  Im pretty sure you will not see the affect of a displacement channel in the view port because the default shaders do not support it.  But if you solo the maps and go to the displacement you will see greyscale data in the viewport, not the checker you currently see.  The in your export maps preset you can export the displacement channel to a bitmap.

Hey alvaro,

you can add the displacement channel in the channel list. The displacement can't be rendered as actual displaced geometry, though. Froyok already explained that in your other thread.
A displacement map is a black and white map, like a height map. Just paint on it or convert bitmaps into height maps with Bitmap2Material.

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