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Hello all,

I have a question related to general texturing, not on the software itself.

Being a big weapons nerd, I often include taped handle in my projects. However, I always struggle in this part. Browsing similar projects on Artstation and SketchFab, I've found different ways to do it. Some painfully model each part of the tape (something I did and rather not do again), but most of them somehow manage to do a realistic result using only the height, normal and sometimes color maps, with very little work on the modelling end.
I've tried some stuff and looked online to no avail. If some of the vets here have tips and tricks, I would greatly appreciate.

Here's some work I saved where the "taping" work seemed good to me.

Also I thought I'd include a pic of the project I'm currently working on to give you an idea. At best I would like to not touch the modelling again, but if that's what it takes I'll do it.

Thank you.

This kind of taping as seen with your examples was most likely modeled in an app like ZBrush, then baked down as normal map to a low res retopo version of the mesh.

If you want this to look good, there is no way around sculpting the tape in ZBrush with the small folds ect, then retopologize the mesh, and bake a normal map using the ZBrush highres mesh. Just modeling the low res mesh and trying to create the folds using only 2D brushes will never yield good results that will hold up in closeup.
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The answer that I feared. Time to get on ZBrush again. Thank you very much.

Using the Height channel in Painter wouldn't be sufficient for some overlapping layers of tape?

I don't understand why not.  I would have thought that would be a wonderful solution.

I admit I don't know Zbrush (touched it briefly, and I know what it does), but I find it hard to believe it's easier to do in Zbrush than in Painter.

What am I missing?
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I guess you'll always have more resolution with geometry than with texture maps alone.

Thing is, either way, I don't know how to do the overlapping layers or the wrinkles right on the tapes. If anyone got advises on that too, I'm willing to learn anything I can.