Author Topic: Maximizing a window  (Read 1134 times)

Is there a way to maximize a window in SD? For instance in several programs the space bar will maximize whatever window you happen to be working in. Out of habit I tried that in SD to get a better view of my 3D window or my graph, to clear away all the clutter I happen to not be using at that moment, but to no avail. At the moment Im working on building up a library of materials (different metals, paint, rust, wood, ect.), and it'd be great if with the press of a button I could get a full screen 3D view to really give my materials a look-see. Instead at the moment Im stuck just dragging all the windows around till my 3D view takes up a large portion of my screen, then dragging them back. Its a hassle. I looked for that function but couldnt seem to come up with anything. Is there a shortcut for that or is it just something that has not been added yet.

There is no shortcut, however if you click on the undock button of the 3d view, a fullscreen button will appear besides it, just left to the close button.