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Thanks to everyone on this forum page and Allgorithmic for inspiring me to create some textures again.
I just got started with this program, but it seems like it can do anything.

I tried some concrete, ceramic tiles, mud/dirt, rubber, wood floors but I wanted to show what I have been making so far.
All these are WIP and took about 3 hours on average so far...  C&C welcomed.
In no particular order...


Really nice :-)

Agree n8sartain, it is only limited by the users imagination. 

I like your wall textures.

For the parquet textures, create a curvature and ambient occlusion map or use the inbuilt nodes for them to extract some info/mask to pick up the raised area in the wood floor and only have wear on them, whilst the recessed areas remain lacquered and contain a little dirt for better realism.  These two maps/nodes will add valuable info for your roughness or glossiness outputs, depending which workflow you are using.

Wow, I really like these.  I'm new as well and I've been trying to make some rubber myself but really just cannot get it to look right.  Amazing job here.  Any tips you could share?

Good Work!

One thing to recommend would to add a bit more variance in the roughness. You can really tell a story about the object and its condition/environment by placing lots of details and variance in the roughness.

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