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Hi. I have looked around the forums and a few posts but I could not find a definitive answer to this question. Is it possible in substance designer to create a texture which, when tiled, will be seamless yet will have different random surface wear?

Take for example this texture: each tile has a different random set of scratches, yet the scratches are continuous at the interface between the tiles.

Is this possible using procedural logic in substance designer?

Hey a.roberts,

the simplest method would be: Take a 4K resolution and split it up to four 2k and so on ;)

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I am amazed I did not think about that haha! I guess when you get so involved in one thought process you ignore the obvious...

Edit: Although that solution really only delays the problem doesn't it? Once you have placed down the four tiles you reach the same problem, what can you put around those four tiles? Unless you just continually subdivide the texture but surely that will decimate your resolution eventually?
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That's a good challenge :-)