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1001 Free Gradient maps

The small icons do not give them justice of what they really look like in any shape or forum.

Lot hard work (many hours) gone in too them to make them different, colourful and useful.

I want show people how powerful the gradient tool is with its infinite possibilities and to demonstrate how colourful Substance Designer can be.

1001 I have made is just very very tiny drop in the ocean.

I hope it inspires people make their own.

I used Clouds 2 + Gradient Map - output = To make the Icons

Can you use them in “in production” YES you can there free without any restrictions.

But please if you using them in video eg YouTube please point people here to download them this goes for forums as well eg “polycount and “steam “  ect

If you do like them find them useful, do say thanks.

(Side note to allegorithmic at the bottom of this text)

The information below if for people who New to Substance Designer.

How to install them:

unzip.. then In "Preferences" go to Projects tab scroll down to "Library" hit the + icon and Add path to the unzip "Gradient" folder
It will take 5 to 10 minutes for Substance Designer to make the icons

(See picture for help) 

add new filter call it "Gradient_colour" them then click on at the bottom make sure its on "Contains" type in 

you can start using how they are but its  best to crack them open so
Drag drop them in main Graph then right click "Open Reference"

you will see the "Gradient Map" (middle) copy Selection (ctrl+C) then go to Main Graph and "Pasted" (ctrl+V) start plugins in Noises + Patterns ect

Have fun with them.

(Note: to allegorithmic i wish there was better way of viewing Gradient maps on their own maybe they show the colours stripes like what you see from the   "Gradient Editor Top Gradient "Strip" )  i uses, make , a lot gradient maps but like save them quickly and on the fly  have viewing reference what colours there are in the Gradient would be fanatics,  much needed really)
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Thanks for these, they work really well with the dynamic gradient node.

Sorry for a major noob question, but is there a way to make these work within Substance Painter? If not directly, then is there a way to mass export them to Painter as texture maps?