Author Topic: Some workflow questions before Substance  (Read 2127 times)

Hello, new to game modeling, been doing FX 3d, but want something new.
Had a question about what I need before the model is ready for Substance.
Heres what I've figured out - High rez model, Low rez version, UV the low rez, I need to bake it in something like xnormals for both, low & high, before going into substance or do I just need clean UVs  and can generate from there? Thanks for any advice or reference.

Before the experts jump in, I just wanted to tell you that you are in for a great surprise that will excite you about creating all things 3D. You do not need xNormal, baking maps is built in to Substance, but there's more to it than that - you can make vector maps off your UV's and Vertex Color Maps. Both of these options are crazy amazing once you start to understand the power they unleash - Allegorithmic's marketing doesn't do them justice. Vectors and Vertex maps are great for all kinds of tricks, but the masking capability and then tiling within those (effectively within the UV - using the Transform node) along with on-the-fly-draw-your-own Texture Atlas's will blow your mind!

You might also want to explore using Cages if you haven't before, we found out that they are relatively easy to create in Blender, but their usefulness is just being understood and explored.

Hoping that as we learn about the World Space maps we might also find another area of play that melts our minds.

its pretty amazing so far. I've never used Normal maps before, realtime models are such a different world...
So, basically, you're telling me ALL I need is a high rez , low rez and clean UVs for the low and the rest can be generated out of Substance?

Yep! And so much more.

Rather than make a new thread, if anyone wants to answer this...
Do I need B2M ? It looks cool, but I can't get a handle on what it does that Substance can't do.

B2M was built using substance designer, so technically if you are proficient with SD, you won't need it because you can build your own equivalent. It's just a quicker way for people who don't want or don't have time to devote to fully learning SD.

Thank you.