Author Topic: Edit or Paint an Ambient Occlusion layer  (Read 8782 times)

Hi there !

I want to know if I can paint on an Ambient Occlusion layer or delete areas of it. I know that I can use a leves on it, but what about deletw areas or add areas ?

THX in advance !
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Hey alvaro_letelier,

you can add the Ambient Occlusion channel and paint with it.

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To be more precise : when you add an ambient occlusion channel in your texture set, by default any layer that you create after will be in multiply mode. Change the mode to normal instead and you will be able to overwrite some part of the texture.

To access the blending mode of the ambient occlusion channel, use the dropdown menu at the top left of the layer stack.
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Thanks there ! Much appreciated, great info to keep the flow with Painter.

CG generalist at @digi_fix animation studio located in Osaka, Japan.