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I'm working on exporting ID maps from Houdini that are usable in SP. Would love to try your OTL. Best, Kevin

I have a written a shelf tool to make .obj files written from houdini work with texture sets

if there is enough demand I can release it to orbolt community, but I would like to get it into a few users hands first to make sure it is a simple and effective workflow

if you would like to try it, reply to this thread

Are there any news about this? And will it be possible to apply substances in Houdini and save them with a Houdini Asset to import this Asset into Unity with Houdini Engine?

any news on this?  if not ill just voice a +1 ;D

I would imagine that would totally work as running the engine api is equivalent to running the full app.   However, real time texture preview may not work (just like it would not work.with COPs either) but I could be wrong :)   

In maya, you can generally wrap a hengine and sengine node with a qt interface and have them work in unison,  but I am not too sure how you do that in unity (maybe via c# script?)

Any update on this?

Release should be any day now.

Hey are we there yet?  :)

How's the Houdini plugin going? We're keen to test it out..


Here is my little shelf tool for converting an obj from houdini into a usable multi material object in Substance Painter

 place the shelf tool in your houdini15/toolbar folder

to use it:

    group your geos into the material sets
    use a material sop to set the materials
    use a geometry rop to write it to an obj
    select the rop and click the shelf tool

import the obj file into Substance Painter and you will have your material sets to paint on!

Do you and ETA on this ?

Sorry, no ETA at this point. It seems the previous estimations of what was left to be done were too optimistic. It will be ready when it is ready.

Congratulations on the houdini plugin!  I cant wait to get home to try it out!

Thank you for the hard work in implementing this!

Yes!!!! this is awesome news guys!  This is going to help a lot integrating houdini and substance tighter on our procedural toolset!  Thank you!