Author Topic: Question with new substance designer 4  (Read 2147 times)

Hi and first i'm really impress by your work on the news substance designer.

I have a question about the export for unity. if i publish a substance physically base material, is it export in unity with a custom physically base shader made by allegorithmic or i is it compatible with this new set of physical shader.

Thank you for this tool it make my work really better and it's so fun to work with ! ;D

It will be compatible, however you may have to assign the outputs manually to the shader slots as they won't plug automatically like with the builtin shaders.

Also, if you send us the list of texture names from these shaders and if we (@Jerem ?) can come up with reasonable matching rules for the new usages we introduced with SD4, I can add them to the list of automappings performed when importing Substances.

Best Regards,