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I have major problems painting simple colors, just because SP keep painting on the other side of the object too :( And seems to be random, some times do some times don't.

Is this a bug or what's going on?

Sounds like either
The UV map has geometry overlapping (it happens to me from time to time if I'm flimsy and in a hurry!)


Your brush paints across seams in order to get rid of the ugly hard edges that might appear.
Change it to any of the options and give it a go.


no overlapping UV, and I tried that setting too:(

Hey Teo,

can you provide a screenshot of what you are doing?
Are your UVs in the 0-1 space? Substance Painter can't use multiple UV spaces at the moment.

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Also try to enable the backface culling in the brush properties, this will avoid the brush to bleed on the non-visible/opposed parts of the geometry.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Brush Tanget was set by default, but backface culling did the trick.

Thanks a lot guys, my apologies for not checking that.