Author Topic: Substance Painter to UE4 confusion  (Read 1065 times)

I am confused on what I need to do to bring my texture into substance. I have a single object with 4 different materials (rubber, metal, painted steed, and glass). This created four different texture sets to use. When I export the textures, it exports 4 for each material. The object is a single object with a single UV. If I bring this into Unreal, wouldn't I need to use 4 materials on that one object, making the draw calls unnecessarily high? Is there a benefit to this? For example, would I be able to create material instances from these and does that reduce the draw calls, because from what I saw the draw calls don't go down.

Hey gosusorai,

you can merge texture sets manually in Photoshop, for instance, or in Substance Designer. You can automate that with a Substance using the UVs as a mask.
A better solution would be not to use texture sets at all, if they are not necessary.

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