Author Topic: Stencil being ignored - am I missing something simple?  (Read 1784 times)

My stencil is being ignored.  What am I missing guys?  I bet it is something simple.
Please see attached.

Thank you very much for any assistance!


It's seems that your stencil has some transparency, remove it to only have a black and white mask without any alpha.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Thank you very much!

Ironically I did a video tutorial on this very feature and could not figure out what I was doing different/wrong this time.

Back to stenciling (correctly) :)


For the record, I had a similar issue where the stencil or alpha wouldn't work no matter what. Turned out it was saved as greyscale, instead of RGB. So even though you can see the alpha as a brush or when you set it to be a stencil, it won't paint unless it is RGB.

Thanks, that is good to know!