Author Topic: Can't upgrade to substance live  (Read 885 times)

I own SD4, SP1.5 and B2M3, and I want to upgrade my SD to 5. I saw that substance live gives me the benefit to upgrade SD while having the substance live advantages.
But I can't find any way to put it in my cart and checkout. I mean, there is two clickable rectangles, the one for montly payments and the full payment one. When I click on them, nothing happens, and no other ways to complete the purchase.
How to do this?
Thank you.

Hey ilm1429,

you can upgrade Substance Designer here:

Best Regards
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Thank you for your help.
But it is precisely the page I'm on when I try to upgrade and I can't manage to do anything.
The only thing I can click, aside from the two aforementioned ones, is the upgrade b2m 2.o to 3.0, but I already own b2m 3.o so I'm not concerned by this case.


Can you please contact us on the contact form, so we can investigate this problem with you?

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