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Hi Guys,
I'm clearly very late to this party, but better late than never...

I've downloaded the trials, and I'm very close to purchasing. I've only used photoshop to make maps before, and the internal uvw unwrap (which I can never seem to get my head around) in 3DS Max. That's about it. I'm also just beginning to get my feet wet with Unity. In the past I worked for a place that supplied the minimum to get the job done, so I had until recently really never looked into things like Headus UV Layout, Substance Designer & Painter, etc. These apps look amazing! It's making me excited again about 3D...So, my long-winded intro leads to my workflow question below. I'd like to get some feedback from the community - am I missing anything? Are my steps incorrect? Recommendations? I think I'm definitely going to go with Headus UV Layout, btw...Anyway, enough rambling - I'm on my own now, so finances are tight, but I know I need to up things a bit - I could use some enlightening! All the best, Dru.

Anticipated workflow:

1) In Max, export items to obj
   selecting polygon export

2) Bring into headusUV
   flatten, stitch, etc.
   save out headus version of obj
   render out uvw map

3) Bring uvw map into substance painter/designer? photoshop?
   paint map

4) Export finished map/s

5) Bring model obj headus version back into max, add uvwunwrap(?), 
    bring in new maps. save out to fbx

6) Import fbx and maps into Unity

You're on the right track, but a render of your UV map won't do. That's where Substance is very different from traditional texturing in Photoshop.

Substance works with the low-poly OBJ file containing the correct UV's. Also Substance can do it's magic best if you have a high-poly version of your model next to the game-ready low-poly version. It can derive (to name a few) a normal, curvature and ambient occlusion map from the high-poly mesh, by the click of a button might I add! In turn Substance can utilize these to achieve some of it's most awesome features. In short, Substance relies on 3D information converted into 2D information, and it can do this for you.

So to recap, your workflow would like look this:
(Assuming HeadusUV can export to obj with UV coordinates. If not, do step 5 as you mentioned)

  • Model in MAX, export to .obj
  • Import in HeadusUV, unwrap, export as .obj
  • Import .obj into Substance Painter/Designer, do your magic
  • Export maps
  • Assign maps to the model's material in Unity

I hope this clarifies the workflow in any way :)
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Thank you! It does - much appreciated. That clarifies a couple of things for me. Not that I want to break the bank right now any more than necessary, but do you consider ZBrush (or Mudbox) to be an integral part of the modern workflow? There's so many options available now, that I don't know where apps/utilities should "fit". I know ZBrush can be great with hard surfaces as well as organics. I don't do much, if any, character work - though I'd love it if that would change when time permits. I'm not a game developer, mostly I've done static scenes or product shots and arch vis. I'd like to change that.

Thank you for the previous helpful comments!

I think Zbrush is probably the go-to for high-poly modeling. I know Mudbox can achieve great results too, but I personally always reach for Zbrush because of its more extensive features. Zbrush for instance also has a great (if not the best) tool for decimation and UV mapping (Paint on the seams and press a magic button). You can also use it purely for those purposes and leave the modeling work to 3DSMax/Maya.

Being able to produce quality high-poly models will be really beneficial. Especially since Substance can use it to enable it's texturing magic.

Good luck!
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You had me sold at "magic button"...Seriously, though - thanks again.
I'm looking forward to getting the Substance suite very soon. I've got to wait until Oct before a monthly payment to an email/ad agency ends. Never got any bites from that anyway! If you are REALLY bored, you can check out my site to see what I do currently to keep the lights on. It's There's a few 3D items up there that I had begun way back when...I'm sure I'll be embarrassing myself...