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How can I go about making a color selector ? For game character, clothes / skin etc. (thinking of using SD in UE4).

If you mean like, having the ability to change the color of something in game or in engine, you could expose the parameter of whatever node controls the color, i.e. a uniform color node.

Thanks, shall do. I was thinking of both actually, a list and custom colors.

Just use a switch node ?

Hey espressocaffeine,

if you want to create a list of colours the user can choose from, a multi switch colour node will do the thing.
For example:
the first input will be the user-defined colour. Plug in an exposed uniform colour node.
the other inputs shall be pre-defined colour, plug those in, too.

Now you just need to expose the Multi-Switch node and name the inputs properly and the user can choose the colours accordingly.

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Ok, thanks.