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We will post changelogs for B2M3 updates in this thread.

Release Notes - B2M - Version 3.1.3

New Features:

- [UI] Preserve window size/position


- [Mac] Crash when switching between meshes in 3D view

Know issues:
- [Mac] Slider behavior still not correct on MacOSX when moved during computation. Due to a Qt bug ( that will be corrected in the 5.7 version.
For now the workaround is to disable the "slider tracking" option (see image below) or specify a value in the spin box (at the right of the sliders). A new build will be published as soon as it is fixed on Qt side.

- [PC] On Windows 8 and Windows 10, when "Start Bitmap to Material" checkbox is enable at the end of the install, Windows will not allow to drag and drop a picture.
If you run B2M normally (without administrator rights), everything should be ok.

Previous Builds -------------------------------------------------------------------

Release Notes - B2M - Version 3.1.2

New Features:

- [UI] Support for High-DPI resolutions
- [UI] Icons rework
- [3D View] Allow to save render (Camera>Save Render)
- [3D View] Have the possibility to choose the render resolution (Camera>Edit)
- [3D View] Add orthographic view (Camera>Edit)


- [3D View] IBL Diffuse reflection is too strong
- [3D View] Redocking 3D View make the viewport full black
- [3D View] Crash when setting some images as Panorama (using drag and drop)
- [3D View] Toolbar menu does not behave like a regular menu

Know issues:
- [Mac] Crash when switching base geometry in 3D View.

Release Notes - B2M - Version 3.1.1


- [Filter] Sbsar file is not visible from SD library

Release Notes - B2M - Version 3.1.0


- [Parameters] Syntax errors with some "visible if" conditions
- [Parameters] Inputs tooltips need some fixes
- [Parameters] Inputs labels and ID need some fixes
- [Parameters] Default values fixes
- [Delight] Light Equalizer range values doesn't behave correctly
- [Tiling] "Make It Tile" doesn't behave the same on X and Y axis with Edges Linear method
- [Relief] "Relief Equalizer" is not resolution independent
- [Specular] Specular doesn't work in metallic areas if metallic output is disabled

New Features:

- [Filter] Improved results with non square image inputs
- [Filter] Better global performances
- [Parameters] Add a separated control on X and Y axis for Input Scale
- [Parameters] Add Light cancel angle parameter when extraction method is set on luminance based
- [Image Inputs] Have the possibility to apply Input Scale on "Metallic", "Emissive" and "Relief" image inputs
- [Image Inputs] Have the possibility to apply Make It Tile on "Metallic", "Emissive" and "Relief" image inputs
- [Tiling] "Make It Tile" Edges Quincunx tiling method must be affected by "Tiling Transition Precision"
- [Tiling] "Make It Tile": add a "Tiling Transition Size" option for "Quincunx" and "Linear" methods to control how far from the edges the transition will be done.
- [Relief] "Relief Balance" must produce higher quality results (low and mid frequencies look like coming from low resolution)
- [Relief] Add a parameter (Invert Relief Type) to control the "Invert Relief" type when the "Slope" Method is selected as the extraction algorithm.
- [Relief] Add a "Height Input Softness" option to blur the height map input
- [3D View] Add tessellation to PBR shaders (PC only due to hardware limitations on MacOSX)
- [3D View] Add simple opacity to PBR shaders (no face sorting)
- [Emissive] Add an emissive output (with image input support)
- [Emissive] Add controls to choose the generation method and adjust the result
- [Opacity] Add an opacity output (generated from the Main Input alpha channel)
- [AO] Add an extra frequency equalizer control ("AO Balance")
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