Author Topic: Saturation difference between SD and SP  (Read 1144 times)

I'm having a problem with saturation between the programs. Here is a pic of SD(left) and SP, as you can see SD is slightly more saturated. I tested correcting it in Photoshop and its around 20 points off, which is quite a lot. Does anyone know why this is happening. Haven't seen anyone else complaining about this.

Thanks for your time!

Are you sure you are comparing in the exact same viewing conditions :
  • same environment image ?
  • same environment rotation ? (best way is to make sure it's 0)
  • same exposure ?
  • are the point lights switched off in Designer ?
  • same post effects settings (best switch them off entirely for the sake of testing)
  • same camera position ? (though it should not matter that much here since your material seems mostly diffuse)

If it's not due to one of the points above, then it may be because we don't use the same linear->sRGB conversion : SP uses the exact linear to sRGB formula, whereas Designer uses an approximation (gamma 1/2.2). The difference is usually fairly small, except maybe in darker regions where the relative error can get higher, and your image seems quite dark.
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Yes, everything is the same. Using studio 4 environment. Maybe I just use levels or HSL node as a workaround then.

Thanks for your time.