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I'm learning 3D software to do mesh creation on Second Life virtual world, and perhaps more if I find that I'm gifted for that :). At least, I don't plan commercial use of 3D. I'm a little lost between Bitmap2material and Substance Designer. I've read that Substance Designer included only a light version of Bitmap2Material. Is it true ? If I want to make textures with diffuse/specular/normal maps to use in Second Life, should I buy Bitmap2Material instead of Substance Designer ?

Thank you

Bimtpa2Materail will allow you to create your normal map and specular from a diffuse image.
If you want to go further and create more complex textures, you may want to use Substance Designer which is more a complete texture creation package.
It depends what you want to do exactly.

Thank you for your answer. I've finally choosen Substance Designer wanting to learn more about texturing. Time to learn now :)

So, Bitmap2Material seems to be a very "light" version of SubstanceDesigner ?
If i buy SubstanceDesigner, i could extract the same maps (Normal, Curvature, etc...) as with Bitmap2Material ? I don't want to buy 2 products if only one can do all.

B2M only does a very small fraction of what SD does indeed. SD will allow you to extract normal maps, curvature, AO, anything you need.