Author Topic: Bringing Tri-Planar from Painter to Unreal Engine  (Read 3232 times)

I used Tri-Planar mapping in Substance Painter, then export my maps to Unreal from Substance painter but the seams are there again. How do I set/replicate Tri-Planar mapping?


Hey mattstompkins,

the tri planar projection adjusts the texture so it should export nicely and you don't need something similar in your target engine or application. May you be able to show a few screenshot, anyway?
Could it be a normals issue or smoothing group flaw which causes the edges and seams to get seen in the engine?

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Thanks Fabian for the suggestions, will double check and post back with screenshots should this remain unresolved.

@Fabian F.
I brought my .FBX back into Blender and added the diffuse map from Substance Painter and can see the UV seam there too (see attached), the Tri-Planar version is however seamless as shown in the attached screenshot taken in Substance Painter.

I am exporting the standard packed Unreal Engine 4 maps from SP. Double checked my face normals they all appear correct. If it is an issue of smoothing groups, how should I correct that for an .FBX?  I exported an .FBX from Blender into SP with Edges selected for Smoothing.

EDIT: I've solved the issue by refining my mesh, thanks again for the suggestions, knowing that tri-planar should just work really helped. :D
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