Author Topic: Why does adding a 2nd Quadrant in a FX Map reduce the luminosity by 50%?  (Read 1382 times)

Ok, I'm losing my mind over this.

If send a grayscale image into a FX map it works just as expected with 1 quadrant:

But if I add another quadrant, it instantly dims the image by 50%

The top quadrant settings look like this:

And the bottom looks like this (only thing different is the image input)

This also happens if I use a built in shape instead of image input:

How can I keep it from dimming as I add quadrants to my FX Map?

If you don't want the patterns to darken at each hierarchical quadrant level, set the FxMap's "Roughness" global parameter to 0.0.
The default value of that parameter (1.0) is set so that each new quadrant level make the patterns scale down by the same amount in width/height and depth (if you look at your FxMap as if it was an height map).
More precisely, each new quadrant level gets darker by a factor of (2^roughness).