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Not sure I follow you.. that's the whole point of the Vray export preset in painter and the PBR converter in Designer.
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Not sure if anyone else is getting the same problems but my textures once I get them into Maya look super washed out compared to what I'm seeing in Painter.

trying to get it working correctly so I can animate this model.

To clarify... if anyone else is having this 'washing' out issue please look at this workflow suggested here:
Also, applies to people exporting from Painter.

tl;dr "Now for each texture file node you need to go to ‘Attributes’ > ‘vray’ > ‘Texture input gamma’. Then scroll to the bottom of the attribute editor and drop down the ‘Extra VRay Attributes’ tab. This is the important part! You need to set your diffuse texture and your reflection texture to sRGB and the rest need to be set to linear"


New to Substance.

Exporting from substance using the vray config without issues, rendering using the prescribed vray material setup looks OK (not yet scrutinised the render thoroughly but I'd say it's 90-95% correct).

I followed this setup document:

My problem is as follows:

When it comes to compositing my render elements (passes) in Nuke or Photoshop (which I do successfully all the time outside of Substance workflow) it seems that the math is not correct and I get different results between beauty and composite as seen in attachments below.

I'm using the Machinery Smart Material and could possibly need more render elements than just Lighting, GI and Reflection.

Any pointers as to why the compositing is not correct would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
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