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I've been doing a fair bit of googling and searching of the documentation, but can't seem to find a way to do this, so I'd like to ask if it's at all possible to expose the texture input to the substance graph instance in UDK or Unity, something that's accessible either through GUI or through scripting (Unity) or C++ code (Unreal). Something similar to how using a Texture2D Param in the Unreal Material Editor exposes the Texture field to the material instance, so you can swap out as needed.

Or is this something only possible in the Designer itself?

Basically I'm doing a bit of R&D to see if SD would be a viable route to take for our character customisation, which currently uses Unreal's materials to combine and bake down multiple textures and mask inputs.

I should note that I've tried using the Color Input node, but that appears to be uneditable in UDK (I get the input field, but I'm unable to actually get it to accept any textures). Am I missing a step somewhere? In fact, even if I stick an image resource into that node in SD, nothing actually shows up when I import the published SBSAR into UDK.

I've just tried importing the same SBSAR file into Unity, and here I'm able to access the texture inputs. So I'm not sure if I need to do anything different in UDK. (However, the embedded texture resources don't actually seem to be a part of the SBSAR?)
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You're doing it right, the only part you are missing is that in UDK to use a texture as substance input, it needs to be imported as one. When you import your texture, choose Substance Input Image in the format list to import your texture as a substance input.
You can use .tga or even .jpg images if you want to reduce the size of your packages.

Hmm, odd, I'm not seeing any options in the UDK import dialog to import my test TGAs as Substance Inputs. I don't have any format dropdowns, just the usual suspects:
Compression Settings
Lighting Model
Mip Gen Settings

This is using the feb2013 build of UDK.

Ok, only way I've found to be able to actually do this is to import my textures first, and then right-click->Create Substance Image Input
Is there a way to skip the intermediary step, or do the textures need to be imported first?
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Sorry I was not clear, you have to choose the format in the windows "Open File" dialog when you import by right clicking in the Content Browser. If you drag and drop a tga in the Content browser you don't have a choice for now and need to convert it afterward.
Also if you drag and drop a jpg, it will automatically be imported as a substance input.

Ah, got it, thanks for the clarification.