Author Topic: Open File Input- Is this possible?[SOLVED]  (Read 1797 times)

Hey first post here and I'm kind of new to the program. I'm wondering if it's possible to make a substance that has an open input for normals, curves,AO , etc. Basically so I can make the base shader (in this case metal) and use it on multiple models with different UVs. It's probably simple but I'm not exactly sure what to search for.
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Substance Designer does offer you inputs, indeed.
You can either use the spacebar menu (just tap the space bar once) and choose 'Input Colour' or 'Input grey scale' from the list at the bottom, or you can choose 'InC' or 'InG' from the graph toolbar.
You need to make the decision between grey scale or coloured images, because they are processed differently.

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Wow. I knew it had to be simple, but I wasn't expecting that simple. Thanks for the reply!