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Hello, I've been a long time lurker / wannabe substance designer. After countless months of tutorials and trying to wrap my head around substances I've finally started trying to make some and was wondering if I could get some tips?

I made a simple wood floor but something seems off. The joints between boards are super dark and I'm not sure how to make them better. I tried a blur and it helped a bit but they still seem very strong. Also the tiling seems off every eighth board vertically.

For my normals I took the grain pattern and blurred it way out to give a bit of a wave to the wood, it worked out pretty well I think. There's also a polish slider that turned out okay, for a first timer anyways.

I have to artistic background but I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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I'm having a thought (which can be a rare thing)...

I'm looking between your "Base Color" Output and the "Blend" node just prior to it.  What if you inserted a couple of nodes there to put some dust in the joints between the boards?

I'm picturing taking the "Parquet" image and reversing it, so you have white where the joints are, and using it as a mask.  Join (blend) that with some noises to make "dust" appear where the lines are, and then blend that with what used to be your last step.  That might add some lighter-color dust in the cracks.

Just an idea.  Hopefully it provides some inspiration, and maybe someone else can improve on it and/or add some more details.

One last thing... I thought you made a really nice looking floor.   :)
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justaviking is spot on. I've attached a substance very similar to yours, it uses the method justaviking described.

The graph is pretty messy as it was just for practise. Look for the frame named "Space between planks".
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Thanks justaviking and Jonny10! This is exactly the advice I needed, I knew something was missing. Very much appreciated.

So I'm getting a bad tiling effect on my roughness map when I put it into UE4, any thoughts on how to deal with that?

So I'm getting a bad tiling effect on my roughness map when I put it into UE4, any thoughts on how to deal with that?


Can you post a screen shot of what is happening in UE4?

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Here you go Wes, excuse the lighting and angle. You can see the repetition in the roughness pattern, not sure how to correct it.

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