Author Topic: Website and download is painful slow...  (Read 2056 times)


I am experiencing a very slow download... (around 10kb/s) other sites are fine, it´s just allegorithmic.

Got the same issue a few days ago, when downloading the windows version.

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Hey elowan,

I didn't experience those low download capacities a few days ago. There could be a temporary issue, though.

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Hi Fabian,

yes, very strange, indeed...I got extreme slow DL speed (5-20kb/s) and site navigation in 5 of 10 times, I download something from your site. Other DL running at 2.3 to 2.8 MB/s.

This was the case in pre SD 5 times, then it was ok for a while, but started comming back when SP 1.5 was online.

Just wanted to inform you, maybe there is sometimes a problem with your web-hosting provider.

I had it DL over night, so SP has finished now ;)


A few persons reported us this problem. I think it was due to a hiccup on Amazon's side (this is where we have our servers now).

Let us know if it happens again please.

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I experienced similar performance when downloading the materials for Designer and Painter yesterday. Transfer was roughly ~200kbs. Typical speed is ~20Mbps.

Hi guys, I'm downloading Substance Painter right now and the speed is.... terrible. Please consider having a mirror somewhere else  :'(

Same problem here. Download of Substance Painter 1.5.6 is simpossible slow.