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I have a model with a normal map already applied but want to paint over the top of it or erase some areas out. For example lets say I have a wooden surface and want to paint a pool of blood on it, at the moment the wood detail will come through the pool of blood and I would want it to be flat. I've seen other replies saying switch to 'Normal' Blending mode... This doesn't seem to be working unless I'm setting it up wrong... I've tried setting it to 'Normal' in the Base colour and Height channels but still the underlying Normal influences the painted detail.  How can I do this?  (I wasnt sure which thread this goes in discussions or product support) Thanks.

Hey afinchy,

you would need to use another blending mode. 'Replace' will replace the underlying Height with the new one.

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This doesnt work either, I get the same results and that is the imported normal map details are overlaid on top  of the new painted height data, I've switched the blend mode to 'Replace' on both the colour and the height and im not seeing any difference.

I figured it out... So I had to add a Normal channel to the material, which placed my normal texture at the bottom of my layer stack. Now I can switch to paint only the normal channel in the top left,  I can make paint edits to the normal map (not height map which is were the confusion was).

Thought I would post the answer to help anyone else who gets confused by this process....