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I want the package to be as good as it can possibly be, so I'm hoping to get some honest, brutal feedback/critique. I've revisited the materials several times as my understanding of this (awesome) program progresses.
I'm creating 100 of these as a package for Unity 5; 10 different tile-able sci fi themes with 10 materials for each. They have sliders to control glossiness in Unity, but internally use the metal/rough workflow so they plug right into Substance Painter.

If you like these, feel free to use them any way you like in your own projects, they're free :)
I'm interested in errors/flaws and hope for suggestions on ways I can make them better. I'm greatly interested in better efficiency and more clever use of functions.

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3D art is magic.

I took a quick peek at your substances and I'd change a few things on them:
- Your variables need to be clamped when exporting to Unity (last I checked anyways)
- You substances reference other functions on your computer that you didn't include with them. I usually export with dependencies and zip it all together.
- You might want to rethink the Hyperion name.
- The damage on the Hyperion sbs doesn't look right to me. I'll see if I can come up with a damage example to show what I mean.

You might want to consider submitting them to the asset store individually instead of as a package. Good luck!

Thanks very much! I appreciate your looking into my substances, this is what I was hoping for.

-I'll look into clamping some of the values.
-It's a good suggestion on exporting. I debated on including the .sbs files with the package to begin with. It might clutter the package with unnecessary items, but I've looked at other packages and noticed they include the .sbs.
-Why rethink the Hyperion name? It's a recurring name in sci fi and was a titan in greek mythology. It's not copyrighted.
-I'll look into the damage effects on my materials, they definitely could use a tune-up. It's something I've been having difficulty achieving is a convincing scratched metal look.

Very much appreciated spete :D
3D art is magic.

I've recently started using the Slope Blur in place of a warp node. It seems to produce better damage results with more control over the result. The damage on the metal plating looks cool as it is, but it doesn't look 'real'.
3D art is magic.

Here is the new Hyperion. I cut out a lot of the heavier noises and went for a more subtle edge wear using a slope blur. The hsl slider are replaced with color pickers, and the curve options have been clamped. Added a boolean to remove the overlapping vent details if the curves are greater than 2. And exported with dependencies :) thanks a bunch.
   I've created custom nodes for the edge wear to make sure the material sets are uniform. I hope it looks better.
3D art is magic.

Here are the other two .sbs files with dependencies and all their warts. The Labyrinth doesn't use other graphs, it's one of my first attempts in SD.
3D art is magic.