Author Topic: Bitmap2Material 2 crashes Max  (Read 5218 times)

This was reported in the old forum here. I am reposting because it's been several months and I am supposing that the old threads are now un-monitored. I'm also posting again because, yet again, I crashed Max by using BM2M 2. And again I've submitted CER reports to AD... but my guess is that AD will ignore it as it seems to be a problem with BM2M.

Original Post:

I have had a repeated error using B2M (1.6 and 2.0) that can consistently crash Max.

•Create a Standard Material in Slate
•Create a Substance Map... load B2M into the diffuse slot of the material. Normally I have a Normal and/Spec piped into the material from the B2M map.
•Create ANY other kind of map node in Slate
•Pipe that new map into the slot where the B2M is already piped into (such as the diffuse slot).
•Max will crash.

 This problem happens to me 100% of the time I take these steps. Since I know of the problem, I try to avoid these steps. But sometimes I get in a hurry and forget momentarily... and CRASH!

 Please look into fixing this problem. I've submitted MANY CER reports to Autodesk regarding the problem. But if it is a B2M problem and not on the Autodesk side, then I doubt they will address it.

Added note. Today BM2M crashed when I was inputting a bitmap node into it.

Have you tried B2M 2.1?

We are currently updating the Substance plugins for 3dsMax and Maya with faster, more recent versions of the Substance engine, we will keep you posted as soon as the new ones are available.

Been years. This still happens. And I always forget. Today in Max 2015 SP3 with B2M 3. Please fix this and/or ask AD to fix anything that they might need to do. This issue has caught me off guard so many times as when you are in creative mode dragging nodes in Slate, you are not thinking about OH NO, DON'T DRAG THESE NODES ON THESE INPUTS because you will crash a multi-thousand dollar application. I love B2M, Substance and Max... but jeeezus... I'd like to see this bug squashed.