Author Topic: Can´t bake on load behavior  (Read 1233 times)

I started using substances in Unity just a couple of days ago but I have run into some problems and have some questions.

1.) Should I even use substances? I´m making a game for desktop so disk space isn´t really an issue, substances need more CPU/GPU usage than regular textures right? But being able to make changes to the textures in the Unity editor is REALLY great so maybe the best thing for me is to make the changes and then bake them?
2.) When I have set up my substances so they look as I please I want to bake them because it takes like 15 seconds to load my test-level when I hit play and that is really annoying, when I use regular textures it starts immediately. When I try to bake the textures in the load behavior it doesn´t load at all in the game-view but they appear in the scene-view. This is how it looks in game-view:

Do I need to do something else in Unity to make it work or what is the problem?

Hi minpinstudios,

What version of Unity are you using? Baked shouldn't show up as black

I´m using Unity 5.1.1f1

That build should be fine.

I loaded up a basic project and dropped in a cube with a substance and set it to bake and keep and later bake and discard. In both cases hitting play worked fine.

If you are still having issue with this I may need you to send me that sample project you have, if that's ok with you. My email is