Author Topic: Going into game-view is very slow  (Read 1162 times)

I just made an example-scene to get started with substances. I dragged a few substances to different objects in my scene and it looks great, HOWEVER it takes like a minute for the game-view to "start" once i hit play. When i switch from substances to just regular textures the game-view starts almost immediately when hitting play. This can´t be right can it?

Im using 2048 size and I have tried baking and cacheing it but that doesnt work at all, the objects just get a flat color if I do.

If a simple scene with like 10 objects take about 30sec to load, I cant imagine what a detailed level with hundered of objects and mltiple substances would take to load. If this is the case then substances are pretty much useless?

EDIT: It didn´t take a minute or even 30sec haha, 10 different substances in 2048 take just over 10 seconds to load, It seems like it doesnt matter how many substances I use, the time is basicly the same regardless? But what can be wrong with my baking? The only modes that work is the Build on load level and build on load level and cache. The behave the same though.
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Hi minpinstudios,

We are working on this issue. Unity wants to issue loads/unloads quite a few times when going into play mode, and if you are using alot of substances or in your case 2k substances, the time can become substantial.

Hmmm - I got this slow-down when having just one substance attached (it is like 35MB in size, because it has a few 2k bitmaps inside).