Author Topic: SOLVED: How do I convert a height map to a normal map in 5.1.1?  (Read 10883 times)

Hi all. I've just downloaded the trial and am blown away Substance Designer. I've been doing this tutorial and can't find the Normal Mapper node. The tutor uses the Normal Mapper node to convert a height map to a normal map.

Screenshots from tutorial video:
The Normal Map section in the Library

Here is the node in action:

In my Library I have a Normal to Height node but no Height to Normal or Normal Mapper:

I was actually able to get round this by using the Height Normal Blender to get the height into the final normal map:

But I'm still wondering where the Normal Mapper node or Height to Normal node is. Can anyone help me? Is there a different way to do what im doing?

Thanks in advance for any help.

EDIT: Ok i just discovered that you can use the normal map node in the spacebar menu to do this. Easy!
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Click SPACE, In the resulting window, select Normal