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I am trying to create a filter within my library, that contains both all textures that have the name "rock" in it + all textures, which url contains "rock"

But I don't know, how I can filter "additive", because if I create a filter for the url containing "rock" plus a filter for the names containing "rock", it only shows me those textures, for which both filters are true

so how can I make it, that the filtering works in an additive way, meaning it will show me all textures containing the name "rock" PLUS all textures, which url contains "rock"

thanks for your help!


Hey michael,

I'm afraid that such a function does not exist. I'm not sure about that, though.
You could mention this idea in the User Voice.

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Thanks for your reply! I´d imagine it to be something like the boolean signs in zbrush subtool menu; that would give the user the capability to filter in additive, subtractive and intersecting ways.

@uservoice: I have to admit, that I´m a bit frustrated, for none of my uservoice suggestions has been implemented so far. Neither have been any of those I voted for. Which means, I have no voices left since about half a year.
I know this is off topic, but I thought I´d mention this.