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The new GeForce drivers 355.98 are available with the fix !
Win 10 64bits :
Win 10 32bits :


NVIDIA came back to us and they said the GeForce driver will be available September 21. I don't have the driver number however as it's too soon to tell. The Quadro driver with the fix is available over here :


Hey guys, little update on this issue :
nVidia fixed the problem and we had the opportunity to try out a beta driver, so I can confirm it's now fixed internally. I'm waiting for a confirmation regarding the driver number that will include this fix. Meanwhile I suggest staying with the drivers 347.x.


Everything was working fine then I upgraded to Windows 10 and the latest nVidia drivers (353.62) and then Painter crashed every time I was trying to open any of my projects. It starts generating textures and crashes at one point. Designer was working fine then.

I reverted the drivers to 350.12 to try and fix the crash but now Painter starts up all white and Designer doesn't want to display the 3D view.

Any ideas?
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It seems that any 35x driver from NVidia is causing crashes on Windows 10 for Painter, we are investigating.

Should I try even older drivers?

*** UPDATE ***
This does not seem to work.  Follow the instructions from Wes instead.

I downgraded to 347.88 and was running good until it crashed again.  I realized that Windows 10 has a nasty habit of auto installing driver updates.  Here is a way to disable Windows 10 from auto installing hardware drivers:

1) Open up the SYSTEM PROPERTIES.  You can do that by typing "System Settings" on the search next to the start button and hitting enter.

2) Select the HARDWARE tab.

3) Click on the "Device Installation Settings" button.

4) Choose "No, let me choose what do to" and "Never install driver software from Windows Update." and select "Save" button.

5) Reinstall the older Nvidia drivers.

Pictures attached:

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Wow, thanks a lot man, that did fix it for now.

Thank you.


It seems that Windows 10 will still try to pull down the NVidia driver update. Its best to use the tool MS released for hiding updates to specific drivers. This works great.

I'm using version 347.88 and have had zero issues.

It looks like the issues in the 35x.x drivers is something that we need to address.


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Thanks Wes!  I woke up this morning and noticed that indeed my drivers were updated, despite the system settings changes I had posted.  I followed what you pointed out and all seems to be good once again. 

As a note, for me the MS tool only detected the Nvidia driver update after I removed the driver in Device Manager and rebooted.  As soon as the reboot was done I ran the MS tool and was able to hide the driver.

I also made sure that GeForce Experience does not auto update the driver. 

Thanks again! 

OK, same here, fixed again :) hopefully long term.

Anyway, I didn't have to uninstall the drivers to disable the updates. I just installed the old version again.

Thank you Wes.

Glad to find this post.  Figured this was the case, but I was getting crashes left and right in Substance Painter with 353.62, so good to know that it's a known issue.

For now I'll downgrade. Though, if I'm not mistaken the older drivers aren't DX12 ready - not that it matters all too much just yet.   352.84 is the first version that is, I believe.  Hopefully something that can get patched up soon enough, but I know new Windows updates are always rough.  For now I'll try 350.12, which is what Oculus recommends for SDK 6.0.1.  (They don't officially support Win10 yet, but you can make extended work with some tinkering.)

Unrelated to Substance Painter - but if it makes anyone feel better, things aren't much better with my wife's computer on Win10 using AMD and her Cintiq.  Window's AMD driver updates (repeatedly re-downloaded) keep causing the darn thing to lose mapping so that the pen always spans both screens.
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Hi all,
I just managed tu upgrade to Windows 10 (with latest drivers) and substance painter is crashing very often.
I noticed this post but I don't understand how to downgrade the nvidia drivers ? On their website I only find recent drivers and when I search for 350.12 for example, I only find Windows 7/8 drivers ?

Could somebody help me ? (or I will downgrade to Windows 8 if there isn't a solution)

Thanks !

Hi rschaff.  I used Windows 8.1 347.88 drivers and have been working with no issues.  Make sure to follow the instructions from Wes to hide the Windows driver update.

Thank you very much for your quick reply !

I tried to install the 350.12 (the installer said it hasn't found some compatible hardware ?)
Meanwhile as I needed to continue working I stepped back to Windows 8.1 and it is working now :)

I will test  the 347.88 on my laptop (windows 10) to check the 347.88 drivers !

I'm unable to downgrade like that. The mentioned 347.88 driver won't install on Windows 10 with GTX Titan (1st gen)  :-\ Painter just keeps crashing at the weirdest actions.

While 350.12 worked great, today Windows 10 decided to try and upgrade the driver (despite following both tweaks here!) -- and in doing so, things went pretty bad.  I've got 3 monitors + the Oculus Rift, and only my primary would turn on, and at a very low resolution.  I couldn't reinstall any nVidia drivers, old or new, custom or express.  I eventually got around it by installing Geforce Experience by itself, then letting that install the newest driver.

I think for now I'll be sticking to the latest in order to hopefully avoid this happening again, and sadly just waiting to use Substance Painter another day.  I understand these issues come up, so please just do what you can and keep us in the loop, if you would!  I'm sure many of us would happily try a beta if it makes sense to do one.

Might try it again sometime, see if I have better luck.
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I have the same problem with crashes, I have a turnaround time of up to 17 august and I help out with this filthy driver... Already regret that I updated to win 10
P.S. Oh thanks guys! driver 347.88 works perfect!
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