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I use Blender, and I bake my maps for Substance Painter with Substance Designer because it's so easy.  I know Blender's material zones break up the mesh, which is sometimes desired, sometimes not.  What would be nice is if these zones could be baked into an ID map.  The user could then bake the material zones into an ID map with Designer to be used with Painter, then you could import the same mesh without material zones (merely leaving a box uncheck in Blender) which would give you different options with Substance Painter.

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Hey codeboy,

what exactly are Material Zones in Blender?
You can bake ID maps in Substance Designer already, but I'm not sure about those 'Material Zones', because I have no idea what these are.

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A material zone divides the mesh into regions that can separate textures or materials that are applied to it.  It's nice with certain programs because you can then apply a texture map within that program an not worry about creating one when you create the object. Substance Painter reads them and handles them perfectly, but they are always separate from the other zones (as probably they should be.)  But it might be nice to bake those same zones with Substance Designer into an id map, that way you could create masks that could combine zones.  You can get there with baking UV into SVG, but it's a lot of steps. "Color Map from Mesh", I don't think converts these zones from Blender (I just black), although as I said before, Substance Painter is aware of them.

I attached a jpg snapshot from Blender to illustrate what the zones are..
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My apologies, I just figured this out.  If I use an imported .obj file, with material zones, I can import "Color Map to Mesh" and under Baker Parameters I use "Polygroup/Submesh ID", "Hue Shift" and make sure under "Override Parameters common to All Bakers" that "Apply Diffusion=False" (unchecked). Then I get a nice ID map.
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So, You don't do any baking in blender? Just unwrap mesh and assign materials to faces, then export as .obj? I've been exporting as fbx and getting strange results in SD.