Author Topic: SD suddenly getting massive performance issues  (Read 1464 times)

Whenever I move a slider, let say intensity on an emboss node my SD gets slow to a point where it's absolutely impossible to use, and pretty hard even to just close.

I've also had the same issue when moving the sliders of the Levels node, and probably much more, just haven't tried yet.

Besides from that, the program works just fine, I have no errors besides that.

Does this happen in  a specific graph? Check the resolution of your nodes to make sure you are not using a very high resolution (>4k)

I was working with 2048 res, but I also tried with 512, no difference

It happens every single time when I try to use something like a levels node, I move the sliders for a few seconds and then I can't use the program at all, graphs don't seem to be the issue.