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Hi i just came to know about this tools and its awesome.. I am a student and using only the basic substance textures ones which is available maya 2014 as far as now. I did not know that it won't render in mental ray. Could anyone please help me just to get the textures rendered in mental ray in maya 2014? I need this very badly.. please help me..

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Hi... Thanks a lot for this link.. you have given me hope.. But i tried to enable that option and render it and it doesn't work. Do i have to install the Substance Bonus Tools?? Because when i extracted the Bonus tool kit it had 2013 x64 folder on it?? What should i do??

please help me

Hey i finally got it.. I just followed the exact same thing what you did on the tutorial.. And it works great.. Thanks a lot mate.. Now i can also delete this substance and create a normal mental ray shader and copy paste the baked texture from temp folder and use it as a regular texture right??

If you simply need bitmaps you can use the "Export images to disk" function.
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thanks a lot once again mate..