Author Topic: Merging Substance Painter scenes  (Read 9918 times)

Hi, is it at all possible to merge a Substance Painter file with another one? Also, is it possible to add new meshes to a Substance painter scene?

Hey rwazejewski,

you can't merge Substance Painter scene and you can't add another Object.
You can replace the object, though, by going to Edit -> project Configuration.

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Hi Fabian, thanks for your reply. That's a shame, it would be really handy if you could merge scenes and add additional meshes.  :)

Probably not the best thing to do, but I can imagine a workaround.

Add your other object to the original object file. Make sure they have different surface names to be able to paint on the different objects without causing big problems.

Import the new version of the original object and your original + new object will load, and you can paint them both as a scene, kind of.

Hi rwazejewski,
post_8 is right, you can do it that way.
You can add a new mesh to your original scene in your 3dapp, reexport them all and replace the mesh in your painter project. Very important thing : you have to keep the same texture sets number and names for your original mesh; if not, it won't work.
Other thing, sometimes i work on a character in one scene and a prop in another. when i want to merge the 2 in one scene, for exemple the prop in the character scene, i convert all my layer stack of my prop into a smart material, merge the 2 meshes in one scene like said before, and re-apply on my prop the smart material.
You won't keep all the brushes operations you did on your added mesh, but at least you have it textured.