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Hi Everyone.

Here is my new private artwork (You can also see it at where you will find marmoset viewer). I wanted to play a little bit with wood texturing. It was done as a prop for the film industry, with a combination of a game pipeline. I like optimizing textures as much as I can, even in the film industry. I used the allegorithmic substance painter for texturing. ToolBox and Tools are on one 4k map, and the floor is on another one, which is also 4k.

I hope you like it, and of course, comments and criticisms are welcome as always.


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Nice Toolbox. You forgot the last part on your artstation url in your sig. /XXXXX your artstation name.

Holy cow that looks fantastic! The labeling, right down to the worn edges on the knobs and chisel. Very great.
3D art is magic.