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Hey michael_11,

feedback is always welcome! What is it that you don't like and what could be improved to get in the right direction, again?

Best Regards

like kay writes, the "unread replies to your topics" thingy is missing - and this was mentioned in the first posts after the update.

and the "show new posts" thingy shouldn't be hidden somewhere in the stats, but be placed just where it used to sit before, right along with the "unread replies to your posts" thingy.


It is strange that there is no direct link to it.  My solution is to just bookmark

If I take a look at the forum stats, it seems to me, that the forum has had a significant drop in december. as far as I remember, the forum update happened beginning of december or so.

and tbh, if - like fabian writes - feedback is welcome, then you guys should consider adressing the issues mentioned.

I am going to report this right away ;-)

thanks Vincent! this forum is substantial  ;)

Just to let you know: we are on it :-)

it´s been a while...

Hi all,

As you can see we now have a new forum :)

Among the changes:
- new UI/UX
- the "unread posts" is back!
- new Search bar at the top, with improved search results presentation
- drag&drop images in messages
- embed log file for support tickets

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Welcome to our forum
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There is a lot of what going on here.  Mods sleeping.
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