Author Topic: Substance Painter want to export for Unity with Jpeg, roughness fails!  (Read 1082 times)

Hi there,

i want to export my models textures from substance painter (1.4.1) to unity. I want to use jpeg because of the smaller file size. Now I get problems with the metallic/ roughness map. It seems, that the alpha channel is missing. My question now: Is jpeg capable to act as a roughness map within unity (due to the 8 bit only?)? Png is working fine and I get the alpha channel.

I attached both files. Maybe I am doing something wrong. would appreciate some help on this.

Thanks in advance!

Jpeg can't embed an alpha channel. Well, as far as I know in theory it can, but it's an uncommon feature most reader won't support. So even if Painter could write a jpeg with alpha, I'm pretty sure Unity would not be able to read it anyway.

Thanks a lot for your answere!