Author Topic: Latest version of Substance Painter broke custom simple shader  (Read 1361 times)

One of the developers posted a shader called SimpleColor.glsl on the Steam forum last year, and I've been using a slightly modified version of it in my projects to include normal mapping from the paint's height as this gives a truer representation of how the final version will look in my game. Unfortunately, the latest version of substance painter has broken both shaders. It is tested and working in 1.34 but broken in 1.41, I would guess because 1.4.0 made some changes to the shader code.

I was wondering if any of the devs had a new SimpleColor shader that works with the new version and that we could adapt to include normals from height again. Attached are both shaders that are now broken. SimpleColor.glsl is the one supplied by a dev, and SimpleColorNormal.glsl is my modified version.

-- Brendan

In case anyone's reading this, I just found out that a user over at Polycount has recently put together a Blinn Phong model shader that serves our purpose and might serve yours too:

It'd still be quite useful to have a simple shader like this with shadows and lighting, especially if we could get 1-3 directional lights to simulate the rendering capabilities of last-gen game engines. But for now it looks like the Blinn Phong shader will work well for a non-PBR workflow.