Author Topic: Composite Substance -- Where is it?  (Read 2281 times)

I can't seem to figure out where to access this stuff in 3.7.1:

This was removed since 3.5 version. This was too limited compared to what you can achieve with the graph.

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Where is the graph node that will let you composite output of other nodes using common color arithmetic similar to Photoshop blending functions?

The "blend" node in the library allows you to use all the blending modes from Photoshop.

As a minor caveat, color dodge is missing, but that's not the main factor here.

The main factor is that the blending arithmetic does not in fact work like Photoshop. The transparency computation behaves in a manner unlike Photoshop wherein Photoshop "it just works" and you get clean intuitive results.  The blend material causes fringing and halos that make it a headache to use -- especially for trying to stack layers upon layers from the output of other nodes.

For instance, take two different tile generators and output some random leaves of various color and rocks of various color (both with transparency).  Then, blend them together and you get fringing on one of them. It appears that it's impossible to actually make certain intuitive arrangements because of this.