Author Topic: convert UV to SVG problem --- RESOLVED --- download 3.7.1  (Read 2389 times)

----- Resolve by downloading 3.7.1 ---

Hi, i'm using substances designer 3.7.0 build 12723 in mac os X 10.7.5

I can't sucess convert UV to SVG : no error message but juste gray picture.

-create new substances (1024x1024 or 512x512) with 3 output (defaut setting difuse, normal, specular)
-save the substance
-Link 3d mesh
-double click 3d mesh for load in 3d view
-import simple 3d texture and create node link to difuse for valid that UV is correctly mapped that the case (no problem)
-right click in 3d mesh, bake model information
-choose convert UV to SVG
-change color in the list and object And select "material id color" in the field color mode Or also tested with "hue shift" in the fiel color mode
-click ok
-double click in svg generate file => gray result only

I try this process with 3 différents mesh (2 cubes created with C4D and export at fbx, another cupboard (C4D) and for finish Cymurai fbx demo file (found in a allegorithmics tutorial)

I can't have sucess result and it become really problematic.
I also try to save, close and re-open the project , refresh et rebake the result is the same.

However if i create bitmap texture the UV of the mesh is correctly used for map pixel tu polygons.
I really appreciate a fast soluce.

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