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It seems that when painting in 2D mode it doesn't appear to be true 2d painting. At least not from what I understand of 2D/3D painting.

If I paint along the edge of one UV in 2d mode, paint will also affect an adjacent UV that may be on the other side of the texture map. I wouldn't expect that to happen. I know I can use the geometry decal tool and create a layer with masking blah blah, but after a while this begins to bloat my project. I haven't hit the point yet but I assume that performance will take a hit with all of the additional masking?

Unfortunately this makes it very difficult to paint without stretching along edges. Is there a way, besides the geometry decal tool, in SP to avoid this?

I've also noticed that when painting in 2D there can be color stretching around edges similar to when painting in 3d mode with no edge masking(Another feature I hope comes to SP  :) ).
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I may be wrong but I think the solution to your problems is already implemented in Painter.
To prevent your strokes from bleeding between UV shells (which are contiguous regarding the actual geometry), in the brush properties tab, switch the "Aligment" option from "Tangent" to "UV" and to prevent color stretching around edges, you can turn on the "Backface culling" option right below and tweak the threshold value until there is no more projection artefact.

Sweet sassafras!

That just made my day. Now if I can find a way to set that as default then I'd be golden. ;)

Thanks for the tip. Need to watch more of the DT tutorial that no doubt told me that tip but I missed it.  :o

No problem, glad I could help. :)
These features were covered in of the Painter updates videos if I remember correctly.